Information for parents

According to recent studies, only a relatively small amount of high school students with immigrant backgrounds or from families without an academic background pursue a college degree – despite their good or even excellent accomplishments at school. Our mentoring program “Senkrechtstarter” is specifically targeted at this demographic.

Scholars and former scholars provide support to these young and talented young people on their way to university as part of the mentoring program “Senkrechtstarter”. The high school students are informed by a personal mentor and thus receive their information first hand.

Often high school students find it difficult to make decisions because they feel overburdened by the multitude of subjects, unclear job perspectives and costs. A lot of these issues and problems can be discussed and solved with the help of a personal mentor. Furthermore, the program provides the opportunity to experience a university and the life of a college student.

The only prerequisite for participation is to show some interest in a college degree and the willingness to participate in an active dialog with our mentors. Participation is free and there will be no obligations from your side.

We, the scholars, former scholars and the federal scholarship foundation “Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung”, want to set a sign for the equality of opportunities and a common social responsibility in our country with this initiative.

In case of further questions please feel free to contact us:
e-mail: or
telephone: 02241-246-2373